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The Photography Club at PMEC is a group of people who share a passion for photography and meet frequently to showcase and discuss new ideas and thoughts. The Club members are mostly Amateur Photographers who come together and help each other’s to learn the art of Photography, and Undertake Photography as an Interesting Hobby. Photography is our passion as well as a hobby. The club is run by a large number of students from all the departments who have shown creativity in the field of photography.
This club especially helps the students
  • To Develop Photographic Skills among the students.
  • To empower them to become young Short film makers , photographers.
  • To create an atmosphere for the students to discover, develop, deploy and express their creativity in Photo & video , capturing & editing skills.
  • To Provide & train Students in using Graphics & editing tools and soft wares.
  • Photographs of all our College functions are taken by our club.
  • The club gives training for the students in handling cameras, developing, printing and enlarging of B/W films.
  • The club library provides various books on Photography for the students.
  • The club conducts Exhibition, Photo Contests, Video classes and Quiz competitions on Photography for students.
  • The club helps to develop the soft skill related to animation and editing.
  • Photographs for College Publications like Bulletin, Prospectus, Souvenir, Placement brochure, etc., are provided by the club.
  • The club members won several prizes and certificates in many State level competitions.