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About “CADENCE”:

Cadence, the Musical& Dance club of PMEC BERHAMPUR, is one of the energetic and active clubs here, founded in 2015. Cadence means The Flow of Rhythms, which is separated or detached from its neighbours by a silence. The students are given vocals, guitar and dance training in the club. A recreational facilities enhancing the musical and dancing skill of the members of the club.  Further the students are trained and guided for participating in inter college competition. This club is a voluntary organisation dedicated for the promotion of music and dancing skills of the students.

  The music club Cadence serves as a platform for musicians of all genres and skill levels to showcase their talent at various events held at PMEC. Through music club events like Technical Fest, Dramatic Fest, Musical Fest etc. as well as key PMEC events, dozens of musicians on campus get a change to bring the stage to life and to make the crowd go crazy with their awesome vocal and instrumental talent! Despite their hectic schedules, the musicians on campus come together and put up entertaining shows.