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The literary section or as it is popularly called ‘Flamingo’ is the primary associate in the campus for conducting literary events. The literary section, conducts a plethora of events like quizzes, debates, word games and crosswords etc. Unlike other sections the events organised by the Literary Section are open to all the students on the campus.


Darbar is the Institute literary magazine, founded on 26th April 2011 with the aim of promoting literature drive in the campus.

In 2011, the magazine came into the print format as a bilingual, with the first issue being launched on 26th April. The designing, and editing of this magazine is completely handled by the students, and one issue is released every year.

Darbar started off with a group of dedicated students committing to bring out a magazine that would reinvigorate the love for literature on campus. With the magazine prepared painstakingly with original hand-written articles, sketches and paintings, the magazine would then be put up in the library to tickle the literary tastes of the myriad people who visited the library and wanted to take a break from the hard and taxing work.

Darbar continues to work as a platform for promoting and nurturing the literary talent of the student community of the institute, while remaining one of the most dynamic and active student groups on campus