•    A student shall be eligible to appear in an examination provided he/she has minimum of 75 percent attendance in theory and practical classes, scheduled during the semester.

•    The list of the students having below 75% will be published in the examination cell notice board in every semester on a regular basis.

Course Credit Systems:

•    10 points grading system is in operation as per the academic rules of B.P.U.T.

•    Each academic year is divided into two semesters. The duration of each semester is 85 net instruction days (NIDs).

•    S.G.P.A and C.G.P.A system is used to evaluate the performance of the students at the end of each semester.

Disciplinary Regulations:

•    It is expected that a student practices in his/her activities and maintains the image of the institution.

•    Damaging the college/hostel property is an offence and will be dealt by a disciplinary committee headed by the principal of the college.

•    Possessing or use of unauthorized drinks, narcotics or any prohibited material is an offence and will be treated severely by the disciplinary committee.

•    Duplicating the signature of the authority is highly objectionable and if a student is found involved in such activities, he/she will be dealt with severely.

Examination Details:

1.    Internal Examination:-

•    There will be Two Internal tests of total 50 marks for all theory papers on the dates specified by the  college which includes Internal Test 30 Marks and  Quiz Test, Surprise Test, Attendance &   Surprise Test 20 Marks from 2016-17 Admission Batch onwards.

•    The candidate clears a theory paper, if he/she secures a minimum of 25 marks out of a total of 50 marks in two Internal Examinations.

2.     Practicals:-

•    Each practical has 100 percentage points.

•    In each practical class, there will be an assessment based on 10 percentage point scale.

•    A student clears a practical paper if he/she secures minimum 50 percentage points.

•    A compensatory class test can be arranged within two weeks of his/her missing a practical class, subject to the approval of required authorities.

3.    End-Term Examinations:-

•    The university will conduct the end-term examination of 100 percentile scale as per the academic calendar for the eligible candidates.

i card:

•    A registration card bearing the details of the student duly signed by the registrar of B.P.U.T, shall be issued to each of the student enrolled through JEE MAIN.

•    The college authorities issue another identity-card in support of the above.

•    All students are supposed to carry their i-card to the college on all working days and produce the same as when required.

•    In case the i-card is lost, a new one shall be issued to the student on payment of the required fee.

semester regulations:

•    These are provided as per B.P.U.T norms.

•    For other details, “regulations for under-graduate and post-graduate course” please refer to the official website of B.P.U.T (

•    In no case, a regulation will be waived or examination made simple because students plead ignorance of it.