Campus placement is an important deliverable from any higher form of education. P.M.E.C. Berhampur is fully aware and conscious of this fact. P.M.E.C. Berhampur believes that the campus placement is a result of the quality of our students and the rigor of our process. Our programs and processes of delivery will make our students Industry Ready.
P.M.E.C. Berhampur has included industry interaction as an important component of our curriculum design. Leaders from the industry, experts from the industry share their valuable expertise and experience with our students. This helps students in many ways. The students are sensitized to the industry requirements and hence prepare themselves to be suitable for industry. They learn practical tricks of the trade from the interaction with the experts. They also learn business practices as it happens in the industry. Industry internship is designed to help discover industry practices from within the industry. Working on practical projects will challenge the students to blend their knowledge with demands from the peers and customers which is a key requirement of Industry readiness.

Pre Placement Talks (PPTs)

PPTs are a standard practice to facilitate the company student interaction. PPTs, give the corporate an opportunity to present their organization and an opportunity for the student community to learn about the prospects that lie ahead. Standard audiovisual facilities, LCD projector, overhead (OHP), and any other special equipment can be made available on campus on request. Besides this, the college organizes seminars and ppt through private institutions.

Curriculum Vitae
The Institute has a standard format which the students use for applying to various companies. A company can request the CVs in the institute's format or any other company-specific format, in hard or soft copies as desired.

The Fresher recruitment process commences during the Placement Month. The participating companies are allotted day and time slots based on the mutual convenience of the Institute and the company during which they can commence the recruitment process. The Institute facilitates the recruitment process followed by the companies. A job offer will be considered valid only if the Placement Office is in receipt of the written communication of the same. Verbal or Telephonic offers do not qualify as job offers. Final job offers will be announced to the students only at the allotted day/time slots. Appointment letters of the selected students must be sent (in duplicate) to the Placement Office within 20 days of the job offers made on campus. Acceptance signed by the concerned student shall be informed to the companies.



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Dr. Bhagabat Panda (Training & Placement Officer)

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Contact No. 09437143678/09337175186
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