Writing Club

Writing Club


About WritEra – 'Pen’s Imagination.’

‘WritEra – Pen’s Imagination.’ is a fresh page added to the book of PMEC. This club came into existence to enhance the writing skills and imaginative talent of PMECians. From the Elizabethian Era to the modern world, English literature is one of the most important aspects of everybody’s life. We read many fictions, plays and essays and sometimes we dream of giving our imagination, a voice. Let that dream come true. WritEra offers a platform to everyone to pen down their innermost thoughts and bring out the writer in them.

WritEra is open to all, and we welcome articles on latest technical advancements, creative articles on literature and language, quotes, poems, essays, biographies, short stories, etc in Hindi, English or Odia. All articles will be carefully scrutinized by our Editorial board and published in our quarterly, annual and e-magazine. The main aim of our club is to bring about a change in the position of Literature and Language in this Technical Institute. It focuses on bringing out the hidden talents of the writers of PMEC, whose writings never come out their secret diaries. So all the ‘J.K. Rowling’s and ‘Sidney Sheldon’s of PMEC, come and join us on this new venture.

Committee Members:

1 Priteesh Panigrahi (4th Yr., CE) Secretary
2 Avinash Panigrahi (3rd Yr., CSE) Chief Editor
3 AdutAnjuman (3rd Yr., CE) Editor
4 Swati Suman (3rd Yr., CE) Editor

AsutoshSabat (3rd Year AE)

6 Nitesh Kumar Garg (3rd Yr., CE) Joint Secretary 
7 Shriya Mishra (3rd Yr., ETC)