More Academic Notice

16/12/2022 Notice to deposit the College and Registration Fees smallblink.gif
18/11/2022 Allotted Hostel for B.Tech LE (Girls) smallblink.gif
18/11/2022 Allotted Hostel for B.Tech Fresher off campus (Boys) smallblink.gif
18/11/2022 Allotted Hostel for B.Tech Fresher (Girls) smallblink.gif
18/11/2022 Allotted Hostel for B.Tech Fresher In Campus (Boys)smallblink.gif
18/11/2022 Important Instruction for freshers 2022smallblink.gif
15/11/2022 Spot Admission Link for 2022 1st year B.Techsmallblink.gif
14/11/2022 Notice for Spot Admission 2022 (1st year B.Tech)smallblink.gif
12/05/2022 Notice for collection admit card for Btech 5th and 3rd Sem Exam 2021-22smallblink.gif
07/05/2022 Advertisement for Internship in Cyber Security & Cloud Computing COEsmallblink.gif
27/04/2022 Notice for Outstanding Dues for the AY 2020-21 and 2021-22smallblink.gif
14/02/2022 Notice for 5th Sem Back Paper Registration 2021-22
04/02/2022 Notice for Resumption of Physical Class Feb. 2022
24/01/2022 Notice for Schedule of class test II- 7th Semester & class test I- 5th Semester
31/12/2021 Notice for 2nd Internal Examination of B.Tech 7th Semester
30/12/2021 Notice for Back Paper Registration of 7th-semester registration 2021-22
24/12/2021 First Semester Time Table Dec 2021-2022
18/12/2021 Hostel Allotment
16/12/2021 Notice for commencement of 1st Year classes 2021-2022
13/12/2021 Notice for selected candidate and Spot Admission Details of B.Tech (1st Year)
11/12/2021 Notice for Seat Matrix and link for Spot Admission 2021-2022
10/12/2021 Instruction for Spot Round Admission 2021-2022
08/12/2021 Notice for Spot Admission 2021-22(B.Tech)
08/12/2021 Notice for Internal Upgradation for Freshers 2021-2022
 07/12/2021  Notice for Spot Admission 2021-22(M.Tech)
07/12/2021 Notice for Spot Admission 2021-22(B.Tech-LE) 
02-12-2021 Postponement of Reporting Dates of Candidates for Final Admission into B.Tech Programme
22-11-2021 Fifth Semester Timetable Nov. 2021
22-11-2021 Third semester timetable Nov. 2021
18-11-2021 Commencement of B.Tech 3rd Sem and 5th Sem Classes
11-11-2021 Notice for reporting of Freshers MTech 2021
10-11-2021 Notice for sensitizing youth for Voter-id on 11 Nov 2021
 Notice for reporting of Freshers LE Nov. 2021
09-11-2021 Annexure to download for Lateral Entry Freshers Nov. 2021
03-11-2021 Notice for 1st internal Examination of B.Tech 7th Semester Nov 2021
03-11-2021 Notice for re-admission for session 2021-22
20/09/2021 Sessional and Viva (Practical evaluation) in Offline mode for 4th sem. Sep. 2021
06/09/2021 Notice for Class Test-II for 2nd and 4th Semester September 2021
03/09/2021 Notice for Hostel Fee Refund for 2019-2020 pass out Batch
01/09/2021 Notice for offline/physical class for 7th semester 2021
23/08/2021 Even Semester Back Paper Registration Phase(II) 2020-2021
20/08/2021 Even Semester Registration Fee Details BTech (2nd & 4th sem) and MTech (2nd Sem)
16/08/2021 1st Internal examination Time Table for 2nd and 4th Semester 2021
23/06/2021 M.Tech Thermal, Design and Production 2nd sem Time Table June 2021
23/06/2021 4th Semester Class Time Table 2021
19/06/2021 Second Semester Class Time Table for 2020-2024 Batch
17/03/2021 First Internal Examination for M.Tech 1st Semester March 2021
17/03/2021 Second Internal Examination for B. Tech 3rd Semester March 202

Notice for Clearance of Off-campus Hostel Dues


Notice for ALL SAP Learning Students


List of Students Not Yet Registered for SAP Mock Test


First Selection of Boys and Girls of all years for both In-campus and off-campus hostel Academic Year 2020-21

31/01/2021 First Internal Examination Notice for 3rd Semester Students February 2021
27/01/2020 Swayam Reimburshment Notice form TEQIP
24/12/2020 Spot Round Result 1st Year B.Tech 2020-21

Spot Round Vacancy for (Lateral Entry) 2020-2021
22/12/2020 Spot Round Vacancy for B.Tech 1st Year 2020-2021
19/12/2020 Notice for Spot Admission B.Tech 2020-2021
19/12/2020 Notice for Spot Admission B.Tech (Lateral Entry) 2020-21
19/12/2020 M.Tech Reporting Schedule 2020-21
19/12/2020 Notice for Reporting 2020-21
28/11/2020 Notice for Freshers B.Tech Reporting Schedule 2020
26/11/2020 Notice for Freshers B.Tech Admission 2020
14/11/2020 Notice for Class Test 1 November 2020
14/10/2020 Notice for Deposit of College Fees October 2020
13/10/2020 Notice to 3rd semester students for deposit the college fee for the Academic Year 2020-21
12/06/2020 Notice for Welfare Fund
05/02/2020 Notice for Back Paper Registration for Even Sem 2019-20
03/02/2020 Notice for Registration Even Semester 2019-2020
01/02/2020 Notice for AI and ML Training 12th and 13th FEB 2020
08/01/2020 Notice for the deposit of Hostel Fees 2020
08/01/2020 Notice for commencement class 2nd and 4th Semester 2020
27/12/2019 Notice for Remedial Classes
27/12/2019 Notice for 2nd Phase Caution Money Refund 2019-20
23/12/2019 Notice for JIO wi-fi registration
18/12/2019 Commencement of 8th n 6th semester 2019-20
21/11/2019 e Medhabruti Scholarship Renewal Notice 2019-20
26/10/2019 Second Internal Examination Notice for for 7th & 5th sem btech and 3rd sem Mtech
11/08/2019 Detailed Spot Admission 2019-2020
11/08/2019 Vacancy List for Spot Admission 2019-2020
  Final Admission (Fresher) 
01/08/2019 First Semester Time Table 2019-2020
07/07/2019 Change in date for commencement of classes odd sem 2019
30/06/2019 Commencement classes for Odd Semester Classes 2019-2020
28/06/2019 List of selected students for in-campus Hostels June 2019
24/06/2019 Proceedings of 3rd BOG Meeting for TEQIP III
24/06/2019 Minutes of 4th BOG Meeting for TEQIP III
22/04/2019 New Clearance Form
18/03/2019 8th Semester Internal Examination 2019 
08/03/2019 Internal Back Examination 2019
18/02/2019 Internal Examination Time Table for Even Semester 2019
04/02/2019 Registration Notice
21/09/2019 Notice for college Magazine "DARBAR" 2019

Notice for Book Exhibition 2019


Mess bill Even Sem for Girls 2018-19


Mess bill Even Sem for Boys Hostel-I 2018-19


Mess bill Even Sem for Boys Hostel-II 2018-19

12/01/2019 Notice for 8th Semster Student Regarding CTTC Course Due
12/01/2019 Time Table for Re-Internal Examination 2019
12/01/2019 Commencement of Even Semester Classes 2018-2019
20/12/2018 Notice for Re-Internal Examination
13/10/2018 Rescheduled Time Table for 1st and 3rd semester First internal Examination 2018
08/10/2018 Notice for Student Training 2018
30/08/2018 1st SemTime Table 2018-19
30/08/2018 1st Sem Roll Sheet 2018-19
11/08/2018 1st Year Time Table for Bridge Course
10/08/2018 2nd Round Spot Admission-2018
06/08/2018 Third Semester Time Table 2018
06/08/2018 Vacant Seats for Spot Admission 2018
06/08/2018 Commencement of 3rd sem classes for 2018-19
06/08/2018 Spot Admission-2018 Notice
30/07/2018 Notice for Freshers-2018
29/07/2018 commencement of 3rd sem class 2018-19
28/07/2018 Reporting Notice for Final Admission to B.Tech/M.Tech Program 2018
24/07/2018 Girls Hostel seat Allotment (Miscellaneous)
20/07/2018 Off Campus Hostel
18/07/2018 Notice for Hostel Seat Allotment
18/07/2018 Notice for hostel allotment July 2018
05/07/2018 PMEC Challan
05/07/2018 PMEC Online verification
05/07/2018 Mess bill for Dec - May 18
30/06/2018 Commencement of Odd semester 2018-19 classes
30/06/2018 Hostel Notice
30/06/2018 Walk in Interview of Guest Faculties for odd semester 2018-19
23/06/2018 Hostel seat allotment for 3rd yr Boys and Girls
22/06/2018 Moter Cycle Free Environment Free PMEC
02/06/2018 Hostel Seat Allotment for 2nd Year 2018-19
19/05/2018 Important scholarship notice 2018
19/05/2018 Aicte Start-up Notice
14/05/2018 Hostel Selection for BOYS and Girls Hostel in College Campus
21/04/2018 Hostel Application Notice
21/04/2018 Hostel Application Form
18/04/2018 Appeal to Parents -- Safety stands prior to Convenience

18/04/2018 Notice for Students Safety
02/04/2018 Notice for change of timing for 2nd & 4th sem.
23/01/2018 Notice about change in Internal Examination Time Table
07/01/2018 Class time table 2nd Sem(Section C,D, E,F,G and H)
06/01/2018 Class timetable 4th sem (All Branch)
31/12/2017 Registration notice for 2nd and 4th sem students 2017-2018
07/12/2017 Class timetable for 6th sem (All Branch)
06/12/2017 Class timetable for 8th sem (All Branch)
04/12/2017 Registration notice for 8th and 6th sem students
01/12/2017 Notice for commencement of class 2017
01/12/2017 Second Internal Time Table for 1st Sem Students 2017
21/09/2017 Notice for all spot round admitted student 2017