Lecture Notes ETC

S.N. Programme  Name of Subject Remarks Download 
1 B. Tech   Basic Electronics Dinesh Dash
2 B. Tech   Digital Electronics Nawal Topno
3 B. Tech   Antenna & wave propagation Ashis K sarangi
4 B. Tech   Digital Electronics Akshya k Dash
5 B. Tech   Digital Signal Processing Akankhya Mohanty
6 B. Tech   Electro Magnetic Theory  Sankhamitra Sunani
7 B. Tech   High Frequency Engineering Ashis K sarangi
8 B. Tech   Mobile communication Notes and Question Papers Sanatan Mohanty
9 B. Tech   Microprocessor and Micro Controller Nawal Topno
10 B. Tech   Semiconductor Devices Dr. Raghunandan Swain
11 B. Tech   Semiconductor Devices NPTEL Video Lecture Source: NPTEL