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The Central Library PMEC, Berhampur functions as the primary information resource center and repository of printed and electronics resources for teaching and research activities at the institute, Apart from textbooks and recommenced reading materials prescribed for each course offered at the institute, the library houses a growing collection of research monographs, reports, multi volume reference works, dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, and so on. In addition, the library also facilitates access to a number of e-journals by subscribing IEEE, Science Direct (ELSEIVER), NLIST, DELNET etc. At present, users can consult more than 20,000 books (available on shelves) and thousands of electronics journals. Online access is also provided to bibliometric and scient metric databases such as DELNET, Web of Sciences. The library operations are automated using LIBSYS software. The online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) enables users to search documents in the possession of the library. A separate e resources section is provided in the library to browse CDs and DVDs of books; theses and dissertations. Library has developed institutional digital repository (IDR) to archive and provide online access to intellectual output of the institute. These steps will greatly enhance the library’s efficiency in making the resources available to the academic community at large and also enable the institute participate in various inter-library initiatives at national and international levels.


The Central Library is located on the Ground floor of Academic and Administration block, and is spacious, spreading to about 6000 sq.ft. It is well lit and adequately ventilated. The location allows easy access and offers a seating capacity for 150 users at a time.


Library Office, Acquisition and Processing Section: The Library Circulation, the acquisition, technical processing section on the left-hand side of the entrance.

Circulation Counter and Stack Area: The library circulation counter is on the left-hand side of the entrance. Three library staff members are available at the counter for issue/return of the books.

Reading Room and Stack Area: The reading room is located opposite to the circulation section. The book stacks are housed in the reading room for the convenience of users.

Digital Library: A separate section for the digital library to browse e-resources is being developed at the opposite site of the library. Library has connectivity with internet (100 mbps) to its users.

Reprography Service: Photocopy and printing facility is available in the library office.


All registered students, faculty and staff of the institute are entitled for library membership. The library membership form is available the circulation counter.

Member Category

Issue Privileges


UG Students

03 Books

05 Books (only 1st Year)

03 Books (2nd,3rd ,4th Year

15 days

One Semester

One Semester

PG Students

03 Books

15 days


08 Books

One Semester



Library reference section opens from 9.00 AM to 9.00 PM

Circulation: on all working timing of the institute.


1.               Books can be borrowed only upon producing the identity card.

2.              Users should check the book thoroughly for missing pages, chapters, etc. at the time of issuing.

3.              Books will not be accepted in damaged or mutilated condition form the user at the time of return

4.              In case of loss of books, the borrower is required to replace the book with a recent edition.

5.              The lost or mutilated books should be brought ot the notice of library staff immediately.

6.              If the book is not available anywhere for purchase, the borrower must pay thrice the cost of the volume.

7.              Books borrowed by a user should be brought to library only for returning purpose and not otherwise.

8.               DVDs/CDs cannot be borrowed by library users.

9.               A document issued may be renewed provided there is no reservation against it.

10.           Borrower should bring the material physically to the library for renewal.         


Overdue: Borrowers are responsible for returning books issued to them on or before the due date. All overdue items are fined at Rs.1.00 per item for 15 days and Rs.5.00 for all subsequent days.


The Library has a collection over 21000+ books covering the disciplines of Automobile Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Production Engineering, Structural Engineering, Power System Engineering, Thermal Engineering, Production Engineering, Mechanical System Design, Management, Humanities and Social Science and Basic Sciences. The library also houses a growing collection of books in Hindi as well as books on general reading. It also holds a collect ion of 600 CD/DVDs related to the courses.


The central Library provides online access to more than 48 number of hard copy journals, 7000+ full text e-journals (IEEE, Science Direct-ELSEIVER, NLIST, DELENT), 166 number of electronics books (McGraw Hill Education, Pearson Education, PHI publications) and other open access resources. All these resources are IP authenticated and made available online. Online access is also provided to bibliometric, abstracting and scient metric databases such as DELENT. For more details, please visit Library e-resources at:


Institutional Digital Repository (IDR): Library has developed the Institutional Digital Repository (IDR) using Google Sites which holds previous year question papers and other e-books.


Reference Service: This service helps you to make full use of the resources available in the library. The library staff members provide guidance in the use of information resources such as Journals, e-Books, Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC).

New Arrivals: Newly procured books are displayed in the new arrival rack, to inform users about the additions. Users can also check for new arrivals through OPAC.

Book bank: Book Bank service is made available to the UG students. Students can borrow 6 books (only first year students) and 3 books (2nd, 3rd, and 4th year students) from the book bank category and can retain for entire semester.

Newspaper Portal: Library keeps a record of the newspaper articles related to PMECs in its newspaper clipping file.


The Library uses LIBSYS Library Management Systems (Could version), and the operations of Cataloguing, Circulation, and Serial Control have been automated. Resources are updated on regular basis.


Users can place online reservations, browse for new additions of books; Journals subscribed. Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) enables library users know their checkout status, issue history and so on. Users can browse for new additions of books, journals subscribed (author, title, publisher wise). They can also reserve books online, and avail more advanced service.




1.               Maintain quiet study atmosphere. Silence must be observed in the library at all times.

2.               Food and drinks are not allowed inside the library

3.               No bags or cases are permitted into the library

4.                  All library materials and personal belongings must be shown to the guard at entrance at the time of entry and exit from the library.

5.              All library users, when making copies of library materials, should strictly adhere to copyright laws.

6.               Personal belongings should not be left unattended.

7.               Library is not responsible for any loss or dame of personal belongings.

8.               Use of Mobile inside the library is strictly prohibited.

9.              All books need to be returned for physical verification one in a year irrespective of the date of issue and category of users.

10.           No material from the library should be taken out without proper issue. Taking book(s) without adhering to the procedure will invite disciplinary action.

11.           Faculty and staff going on long leave, deputation, study leave or extraordinary leave will have to return all borrowed materials before leaving the institute.

12.           Browsing of websites which violates the dignity of the institution is prohibited inside the library.

You are requested to…………..

1.               Maintain discipline and science.

2.               Respect and follow library rules and procedures.

3.               Cooperative with library staffs

4.               Keep the library premises neat and clean

5.               Alert us upon misuse of library resources.

6.                Handle library material with care

7.               Help us improve by providing your valuable feedback and suggestions regularly.

8.               Feel free to seek assistance.


1.               Mrs. Sasmita Rani Behera, Assistant Professor (CSE), FIC Library

2.               Mr.  Aratatran Mahapatra, Librarian