More Tenders

13/10/2018 Second corrigendum in Bid refrence no: TEQIP-III/OD/pmec/5 (Computer Procurement Bid)
13/10/2018 Updated Computer Procurement bid document
03/10/2018 corrigendum in Bid reference no: TEQIP-III/OD/pmec/5, TEQIP-III/2018/pmec/Shopping/12, and TEQIP-III/2018/pmec/Shopping/13
03/10/2018 Tender document and its details for computer procurement
18/09/2018 Details of Tender Call Notice for Computer Procurement Advertisement
18/09/2018 Tender Call Notice for Library Books
15/09/2018 Corrigendum Notice for Package 12 & 14 DATED 07-Sep-2018
12/09/2018 Computer Procurement Advertisement
10/09/2018 Tender call paper for ONline UPS
10/09/2018 Tender call paper for Chemical Lab Equipments
10/09/2018 Tender Call paper for Furniture
10/09/2018 Tender call paper for Civil Lab Equipments
11/06/2018 Hostel tender for 2018-19 

Corrigendum notice for change in date of the bid for TEQIP-IIIODpmec11, 10 & 2

09/03/2018 Tender call notice for Event Management in Annual Cultural Function
20/02/2018 Equipment Specifications Corrigendum Notice BID REFERENCE NO:"TEQIP/III/OD/pmec/11"
16/02/2018 Stationary Item Tender Call Notice
16/02/2018 Tender call notice for Reference No: "TEQIP-III/OD/pmec/11"
16/02/2018 Tender call notice for Reference No: "TEQIP-III/OD/pmec/10"
16/02/2018 Tender call notice for Reference No: "TEQIP-III/OD/pmec/2"
16/02/2018 Cancellation of tender "TEQIP-III/2018/pmec/Shopping/2"
13/02/2018 Technical Specification of Tender reference no-"TEQIP-III/OD/PMEC 10 & 11 & 02"
12/02/2018 quotation documents Reference no "TEQIP-III/2018/pmec/Shopping/2"
12/02/2018 Tender Specification Document Reference no "TEQIP-III/2018/pmec/Shopping/2"
09/12/2016 Expression of Interest for Setup of Secured, Centrally Managed Wireless LAN (WI-FI Campus)
07/06/2106 Extension of dates for Tender No.642 Dtd.7.6.2016
12/13/2106 Tender for Modern Kitchen equipment
22/12/2105 Quotation call for Website Design