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Laboratory Facilities


The department has the following well-equipped laboratories to cater to the needs of the undergraduate programmes.

Programming Lab. 
2 Computer Network Lab.
3 Computer organization and Architecture Lab.
4 Software Engineering Lab.
5 Database Engineering Lab. 
6 Computer Vision and Image Processing Lab.
7 Sensor Network Lab.


 Each research labs are equipped with hi-end components like Cisco-Routers and Switches, Wipro MTLC-Equipment and 3D Printer and Scanner. Hpc Dell Power Rack Server with 16 X 4 Cores. Dell Server 7600, 5600 Image Processing Server and Network Security Lab, Dell 5600 Multimedia Server, NVIDIA GPUs, Cloud Computing Hardware. Software for Networking Simulation, Rational Rose, Compilers, MSDN Tools, Image Processing Software, Matlab, Oracle etc.